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International Book Giving Day

You may want flowers and chocolates, but a true heart gives a child a book.


Today is International Book Giving Day, the day for passing on a used or new book to a child, a waiting room, a school, or a good cause.

I busily reworked an image from my latest book, Orangutan swing as a book plate, you can download it here.

This post is short and sweet; maybe I shall add to it later. I need to go out to tutor and deliver some books, it is raining again, as usual, I suppose that time of year where I live.....

If you have a book you can spare, and know a child, or someone who would enjoy it, please share the story. Stories are the foundations of life.

4pm 14 February 2013:

A school girl signs her name with mine and takes them to her library, proud that she is donating.

A favour from a friend who takes them into school with him, just for the little ones.


No one was home, so I signed the books and left them in a bag on the door handle.

Shrill notes of delight when they opened and peeked inside.


The school looked deserted, but tucked around the back were teachers still hard at work.

"Thank you so much, we always need more books, you wrote them?"

I left a little embarrassed.


A french cafe where children sit and stare while their parents eat: "they're for children to read?"

Of course, I smiled and said: "enjoy."

A doctor's surgery: "can I help you? what these are for us? thank you, thank you."


I braved the rain and popped up the stairs.

Left a few books and some smiling faces: "ooh is that new books?" squeaked one of the girls.

I slipped back out with a smile on my face :)


A family in the rain, trying to stay dry. "It's International Book Giving Day, these are for you."

"Do you want them back?"

"They are a gift, for children to read."

I saw her leave with a smile.

I braved the rain and then again, I walked a mile to get a smile.

6pm 14 February 2013:

I walked along lanes and past houses, closed by the rain.

I found a few, where I was either looked at incredulously,

As if I was from Mars, or with a beaming smile of gratitude.

I handed books out to families, and children running in the rain. I left bags of books hanging on door handles where I knew they would have a good home.

I even met a little girl of 7 years old who wants to be an author! That was simply the best.


I don't think people are used to someone giving them a gift, for free.


Maybe I will donate a few more tomorrow when the rain has stopped.....

For now, I go to sleep, I can smile, knowing that somewhere a few more children are reading a new book this evening.




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